About EAG Health

EAG Health is a Small Group Self-Funding Broker/Producer resource.

With over 20 years of self-funding experience, EAG Health is uniquely positioned to educate, facilitate, support and implement Small Group Self-Funding in the post ACA era. The pre-Obama Care market presented roughly 17 states that were favorable environments for Small Group Self-Funding. After January 1, 2014, the majority of the states will create environments that favor SGSF. These changes are brought about by underwriting requirements established under ACA. Risk pools, guaranteed issue environments and certain exemptions in ACA will create competitive advantages for the self-funding industry. For the right company, self-funding will define the long term solution to the unaffordable cost of employee benefit plans.

While remaining the second highest cost of doing business for small employers, uncontrollable cost remain leveraged and unsustainable. ACA will drive employers in the self-funding direction. Companies resort to reducing benefits, shifting the cost to employees or changing plans annually, or as a last resort, sending them to government marketplaces.

These options render a company less competitive as they attempt to attract new talent.
For the Broker/Producer, client acquisition in an undifferentiated marketplace has become commoditized. Client retention has become even more tentative as the Broker role and expertise is diminished by spread sheet methodology and bottom line selection. Conflicts between producers and carriers like additional compensation for renewing with the prior carrier without consideration of other solutions cloud allegiances. Sanctioning producers for moving clients diminishes options for employers.

EAG Health will bring new and innovative solutions to you and your clients in the form of consumer driven strategies and Small Group Self-Funded solutions. We support small to midmarket producers looking to build a book of business with top rated stop-loss carriers and well known networks. Accelerating client acquisition is you key to success. Retaining them is even more crucial. Breaking the traditional spreadsheet mold while introducing innovation and cost saving strategies to your clients will create your compelling advantage!

Let us serve you while you take care of your clients.