“No one has ever explained health insurance to us like this before. Plus no one has studied our firm and given us the creative, cost saving alternatives that EAG has …”

Sandra Teague – Finance
Patriot Plastics, Inc.

“As the President of a management consulting company with healthcare expertise for over 35 years, my firm has referred a number of our clients to Employer Advantage Group, LLC.

In all cases, our clients have recognized substantial savings in their health insurance premiums, customer service that exceeded their expectations, comprehensive healthcare coverage exceeding that of their previous insurance carrier and savings of up to $189,000 in the case of one client. Without reservation, I would recommend Employer Advantage Group, LLC to any company that is looking to control/reduce their healthcare insurance premium costs and receive equal or better coverage than they currently have.”

Michael J. Rabinowitz, President

“This isn’t magic, it works because your premium is based on the actual individual people that you are covering and their health care experience, not some “small business” rate that applies to everyone.”

John Schall
Fire & Ice

“Options that I thought were never available for small groups! Substantial savings over a 2 year period while employee’s received a PPO. A must for small companies to speak to these guy’s!”

Cliff Berner
Oyster River Boat Yard

“Had no idea if your utilization was low that you could recapture unused claims. My company saved thousands over 2 years while not compromising benefits to my employee’s and received a decrease for 2012. Go EAG Go!!”

Kurt McDonald
Clover Landscaping

“Substantial savings over the past 2 years with fantastic service. Out of state’s risk pool rates with larger network ! Thank You for looking after my Business side EAG!”

Deb Maguire
Maguire’s Pub

“Over 30 % savings in first year alone with great service, more options, increased benefits & lower costs! Way ahead of the curve options for purchasing health insurance for small groups.”

Mike Pimental
Ernie’s Restaurant

“The program has worked very well for us. We have saved a lot of money for 4 years and are very happy with what this solution has done for us.”

Kevin Sheehan
Crystal Transport

“It’s a no brainer. This program meant that employees got better coverage, switched from an HMO to a PPO and not only was the premium reduced, but this year I am getting a $5,000 refund. With all that, they removed most of the deductibles.”

John Schall
Fire & Ice