How to Create a Corporate Fitness Program

Many companies make the mistake of focusing on results and work produced by their employees without monitoring each employee’s health and morale. It’s easy to forget that a healthy and happy employee is also a more productive one. Creating a wellness program is just one way to work towards a healthier, and therefore more productive, company.

Corporate Fitness Program, Employer Advantage Group, Westborough, MAGiving employees easy access to fitness facilities makes exercise and wellness a lot more convenient. Americans are finding it harder to make time for their health because they are working longer hours and are doing more work. After a long workday, a frustrating commute, making dinner, and taking care of other responsibilities, it can be difficult find the motivation to go to the gym. But being able to pop in quickly during a lunch break makes it much easier to commit to a fitness routine.

However, throwing a couple of pieces of gym equipment in the office building isn’t going to cut it. It’s important that along with adding the means to exercise, you also add some encouragement. Few employees will take advantage of a new wellness program without a lot of advertising and a little incentive. Consider holding a contest to help everyone meet their fitness goals.

Initiate wellness education in the form of classes or handouts. Offer healthier foods in vending machines and in the cafeteria. Have free health assessments. Exercise is just one facet of a successful wellness program.

Offering classes is one great way to help your employees commit to their fitness. After becoming a regular in a class, attendees feel more accountable and are therefore less likely to skip out on their fitness regimen. Helping to form workout groups is another way to encourage employee participation. Consider polling your employees before implementing the wellness program so you can tailor it to their needs.

If building a gym in your office building is not within your means, make sure to help employees take advantage of their health plan that may be offered through their health benefits. Many health insurance companies will reimburse for gym memberships, wellness classes, and exercise equipment.

To learn more about health plans that encourage employee fitness, contact Employer Advantage Group. We can help you find the perfect health insurance plan that fits your employees’ needs.